Hair Coloring

Flaunt a lustrous new hair color or cover your gray hair with our top of the line hair coloring products that are suitable for all hair types. Here at Beauty Garage Singapore, we offer hair dyes of varying shades, root touch up and scalp protectors to keep your strands healthy and moisturized.

Quality Hair Coloring Products

Our hair coloring products are specially formulated to preserve your hair’s natural shine, volume, and texture while minimizing damage to your precious locks. Choose from permanent hair color that penetrates the shaft for long-lasting hair color that fully covers gray strands, or semi permanent color that rejuvenates your natural hair color while boosting its shine. 

With our latest fashion colors and gray dyes in store, you can also create glossy ash ombre tones to classic colors like glamorous brown and light blonde for your customers.

Natural Ingredients with Scalp and Hair Benefits

Many of our dyes and coloring agents like oxidizers, hair color removers and protection creams also contain organic herbs and natural oils to better nourish and hydrate your hair from roots to ends.

By using only quality ingredients that are gentle on your scalp and hair, you can achieve the vibrant new shade you want or conceal grays through root touch up without damaging your natural hair color with our hair color options.

Shop Hair Beauty and Care Products from Popular Brands

Mix and match from our well-reviewed and affordable hair coloring products from popular brands to create the perfect treatment for your customers at your hair salon. No matter what kind of hair type your customer has, or whether he or she wants darker or lighter shades, our hair coloring products can deliver the perfect hair coloring safely, effectively and affordably.

Give Your Customers the Best Color Treatments Available

Start discovering the wide range of bold to subtle hair colors and nourishing hair formulas here at Beauty Garage Singapore that will give dull, damaged or lifeless hair the revival it needs! Whether you are looking for a trendy new hair dye or scalp formula, we have the full range of dyes, root touch up and hair protection products for serious hairdressers who want to provide their customers with the best hair makeover or coverage.

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